How to Follow a Way of Going in Aesthetic Dentistry?

  • The aesthetic dentist must first know his patient and perceive his expectations. It should not be forgotten that the treatment that should be applied to each individual is different. Here, our patients' special tastes, socio-economic level, occupational factors and so on. Many issues such as should be examined. Then physical factors come into play. The aesthetic dentist should design a smile that the patient will perceive as pleasant and attractive and correct the imperfect image. Its purpose is to create an aesthetically acceptable and biologically compatible tooth array. For this, the preliminary examination should be kept for a long time, the diagnosis models and photographs of the patient should be taken, and the expected result should be expressed completely and clearly. Aesthetic dentistry is a very sensitive scientific study. Health should not be compromised in order to provide the ideal image.



In which situations are implants done?

  • Individuals of general health status who are suitable for a routine tooth extraction or oral surgery procedure may be considered suitable for dental implants. It is necessary to have sufficient bones and healthy gums. Patients must undertake to pay attention to post-implant oral hygiene and to visit their dentist regularly. Heavy smoking, diabetes or heart diseases, radiation treatments to the head / neck region should be evaluated individually on a patient basis for implant application. You should definitely talk to your dentist to find out if the implant application is suitable for you.



Which Criteria Are Considered In Aesthetic Dentistry?

  • There are certain angles and proportions available in the mouth, face and head area. When treated according to these rules, an aesthetic appearance will be almost guaranteed. However, we would like to point out that aesthetics is a relative concept and not everyone's aesthetics may fit together. For example, while I find the 'A' person very beautiful, someone else may not find it beautiful at all. Therefore, understanding the patient's expectations is the most important criterion in aesthetic dentistry. As a result, the dentist will decide on the technique and material used. Before starting treatment, the quality of the material and its suitability for the patient should be determined. A solid decision-making ability, the desire to improve technical skills, and the effort to constantly be aware of new products should be combined with the natural aesthetic perception and vision, which is the most important feature of your physician.