It is a special field of dentistry that covers the necessary applications for the Arrangement of Crowded Teeth.

Disruptions in the order of the teeth and crowding, closure problems, problems that occur in the jawbone are within the scope of orthodontics. The specialist physician tries to solve these problems with the materials called apparatus. Orthodontics is generally known as braces treatment among the people. With the development of technology, the wires used are also divided into invisible, ie Lingual Orthodontics, and invisible transparency wires, ie Clear Alinger. Thus, the patient's self-confidence and visually unpleasant appearance are prevented.

The materials used in orthodontic treatment vary as follows.

Fixed orthodontic brackets, which can be done after the completion of permanent teeth, are made of porcelain or plastic and are used by adhering on the teeth. Especially those with tooth color do not create a bad appearance in terms of aesthetics, in this respect, they do not cause discomfort and are preferred by patients.

It is a type of orthodontic treatment using metal-looking brackets that are affixed to the visible surfaces of your teeth. Although they resemble each other remotely in shape, there are different treatment systems, wire and bracket alloys using such brackets. Which of these to use is usually related to the habits, experience and price of your orthodontist. Apart from its appearance, they generally offer lower cost and time advantages compared to other systems.