Dental and gum diseases are among the most important health problems in our country and in the world. However, due attention is not given because it does not directly threaten life.

The mouth is the entrance to the digestive canal. Negativities in the mouth cause dental health to deteriorate and digestion to be negatively affected. Foods taken by mouth are chewed, mixed with saliva and made ready to be swallowed and digested. The mouth helps to talk at the same time. The taste organ of the tongue; It also has very important side tasks such as chewing, swallowing, and speaking.

In addition to breaking down and grinding food, teeth have important effects on your speech and appearance. It becomes difficult for people with missing teeth to make some sounds, and there is difficulty in chewing and / or biting. Milk teeth that first appear in the development process of the teeth, then leave their places to permanent teeth.

The two most important diseases in oral and dental health are dental caries and gingivitis. Gingival diseases can sometimes have a progressive effect until the jawbone where the tooth socket is located melts. deterioration of dental health can also affect other organs in the body. Teeth can become a constant focus of infection that affects almost all systems, and heart, kidney, joints, etc. It can be a source of infections that can cause serious health problems in buildings.

The absence of any structural and functional impairment in the mouth and teeth indicates the presence of "oral and dental health" if the mouth and teeth can fully perform their duties.