What is a zirconium coating?
There may be large material losses in the teeth or teeth may be lost due to reasons such as large decays and sometimes trauma. Metal-supported porcelain coatings have been used for many years to repair teeth with missing teeth and excess material loss. However, these coatings have some aesthetic deficiencies. For this reason, alternatives to the gray-looking metals in the substructure of the coatings were investigated. Nowadays, zirconium infrastructures replace traditional metal infrastructures, especially in cases where aesthetics are important. Zirconium coating is the most compatible, natural and durable coating type for the gums.

Zirconium coatings offer a more natural and realistic appearance than metal-supported porcelain coatings. It is the closest treatment alternative to natural teeth with its light transmission and durability.

It is also called zirconium crown, zirconium tooth, zirconium crown (crown).